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The new Tech Vest® Lite has been designed with Emergency Services personnel in mind. This new product is versatile to suit any response situation and the unisex product incorporates a high visibility Australian/New Zealand standards compliant safety vest and light duty equipment belt.

The Tech Vest® Lite was designed to meet the needs of those users that are required to carry small items and equipment on the job site or in the field.

Available in sizes from Small to XL the Tech Vest® Lite is supplied with a removable waist pad and the vest also allows the user to individually configure the vest utilizing the modular equipment pouches.

Additional features

The design of the Tech Vest® Lite has also allowed for handy microphone and cable straps on the rear and topside of the vest. This feature allows the operator to easily monitor communication traffic in the noisiest of operating environments.

Provision has also been made to attach a 2.0 Litre hydration pack to the back of the Tech Vest® Lite, ensuring your team stays hydrated in the toughest of environments.

User defined

The Tech Vest® Lite allows the user to set the vest up the way they prefer with modular equipment pouches that are easily re-positioned on the chest or waist of the vest using the MLS (modular locking strap).

Pouches are available for the following items:

  • Notebook pouch (with internal pen holders)
  • Small torch or pliers pouch
  • Cutting snips holster
  • Adjustable spanner holster
  • Radio communication pouch

Available colours and sizes

Available in high visibility orange or yellow and a number of sizes,  the Tech Vest®Lite also complies with AN/NZS 4602.1:2011 for high visibility safety garments.

How many items can I carry?
The Tech Vest® Lite has 16 attachment points and your chosen pouch configuration will determine how you carry it.

Is this product just for emergency services?
The Tech Vest® Lite has also been designed for all types of industries that need to carry essential equipment. Housing and road construction personnel can also benefit from this product.

How heavy is the Tech Vest® Lite?
By name and by nature, the Tech Vest® Lite with a typical pouch configuration weighs just 600 grammes.

Supporting the Emergency services

Just as we are supported by your business, we in turn support a number of community services including the State Emergency Services. This year we have contributed to their annual SES calendar publication.

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