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About Us

Welcome to Tech Vest Australia

Tech Vest Australia is proudly 100% Australian owned, operated and supports local workers and suppliers to create a product solution for your needs.

The original innovator

Tech Vest Australia is the original innovator of the Tech Vest load carrying equipment harness for the underground mining industry.
Look for the Tech Vest registered trademark logo to ensure you have a quality Australian product.

Quality materials

A quality product can only be made from quality materials and that’s why we use CORDURA® fabrics, 3M Scotchlite Reflective materials and Duraflex buckles in the manufacturing of the Tech Vest harness.

We are passionate

At Tech Vest Australia, we are passionate and up for the challenge of creating a solution for your needs and always strive for the best manufacturing processes.

Over 20 years experience

Since 2001 we have been designing and creating products to suit your requirements.

Proudly made in Australia

We are very proud that the Tech Vest® is designed and manufactured in Australia. Tech Vest Australia not only supports you in your industry but also supports other Australian businesses by using quality Australian materials where we can.

We are improving everyday

Using some of the latest computer controlled machines in the Hunter Valley, we are able to produce a higher quality product through efficient and accurate high speed machining.


Tech Vest Australia was founded in 2001 based upon an innovative concept of its Director, Trevor Boyd, who at the time had been a tradesperson for several years with an underground coal mine in the Hunter Valley, New South Wales, Australia.

Trevor realised there was a great need for a more efficient way of carrying the necessary equipment required by the modern underground worker. Based upon his experience, he went about designing, creating and developing a load carrying harness, now known as “The Tech Vest”.

In July 2001 Tech Vest Australia was created. Also at this time “The Tech Vest” was design registered and trademarked. Soon after, Tech Vest Australia was awarded recognition by the New South Wales Minerals Council at the 2002 OHS Innovation Awards.

Tech Vest Australia uses the latest materials and modern technology in its manufacturing process. The company is competitive in pricing and competent in handling bulk orders for small and large mining ventures and associated industries.

Tailored to suit your needs

Not everyone is the same size or carries the same gear so that’s why the Tech Vest® is readily available in a range of sizes from Small to XXL. We also have a range of pouches and accessories to ensure that your essential tools and equipment are secure. Contact us today to discuss your requirements.


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