Personal load carrying solutions for the mining industry


New Tech Vest® application

The Tech Vest® has been primarily utilized in the underground mining industry for over 15 years and has now found its way to the surface for a new application.

Glencore’s Bulga Coal Open cut mine is now using a variant of the Tech Vest® for its Coal Handling Preparation Plant workforce. The variant in use, as pictured above,  is based on the standard Tech Vest® harness with smaller utility pouches attached to hold items such as:

  • Radio
  • Wash-down hose nozzle
  • Keys
  • Spare safety glasses
  • Torch
  • Small spare parts

In conjunction with the Tech Vest® tool holster, the Coal Handling Preparation Plant operator can comfortably carry the necessary tools and equipment to allow them to be more productive during their shift.


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