Personal load carrying solutions for the mining industry



Our most popular product, the Tech Vest® is constructed from a heavy duty knitted polyester mesh and abrasive resistant Cordura® nylon. It’s fully adjustable to provide a comfortable fit for the modern underground worker.

The materials used in the Tech Vest® provide for a comfortable load carrying harness which “breathes” through the use of the knitted mesh. Moisture absorption of the padding is reduced by utilizing quality, moisture resistant, high density foam.

Underground visibility is increased through the incorporation of 3M Scotchlite® reflective panels on the Tech Vest®.

Adjustments are made by using the main straps at the rear of the vest, the two main waist straps at the front of the vest and adjusting the shoulder pads. The Tech Vest® has specially designed pouches for placement of small tools.

Not everybody is the same size or shape therefore, the Tech Vest® load carrying system is readily available in the following sizes;


  • Small – To suit waist 80-85cm (31-33”)
  • Medium – To suit waist 85-90cm (33-35″)
  • Large – To suit waist 90-100 cm (35-40″)
  • Extra Large – To suit waist 100-110cm (40-43″)
  • XXL – To suit waist 110-120 cm (43-47”)

Product Info

Mesh:                 High tenacity knitted mesh
Application:    Mining Vest / Mining Chest Rig
Reflectives:      3M Scotchlite® 9920 
Pouches:           CORDURA® nylon
Hardware:       Duraflex® buckles
AS/NZS:           1906.4 Class R
Weight:             1.0 Kg

Additional safety features

Not just an off the shelf material but manufactured to our specifications, the heavy duty knitted mesh has a fire retardant property to further enhance the safety feature of our product.

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